Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Updated Schedule

For simplicity I created a Google calendar that will hold my schedule for the summer. I'll summarize the events as they stand at the bottom of this post, but the embedded calendar is probably easier to view, and I will update it if the plans need to be changed.

As a note, there are obviously places in the schedule that will continue to change as time goes on. The goal for the summer is to get to a point where it is usable for simple applications, and then add features in order of importance. As such, I've budgeted extra time than I think necessary for the main goal and I've taken an educated guess at how long the later features will take as I am less familiar with those systems. If it looks like my efforts will be better spent working on some other feature then I will shift my focus to that.

Goldfish Integration 6/6 - 6/19
Working on integrating the Goldfish hardware into mainline QEMU. Testing each module will be done as I go.

Goldfish Completion 6/27 - 7/3
Finishing Goldfish integration and more extensive testing if necessary. Putting together and submitting a patch set for all of the Goldfish components. This should bring the project to a bootable state, but will lack other features.

Networking Integration 7/11 - 7/17
Make changes if necessary to use the existing networking capabilities.

Telephony Integration 7/18 - 7/31
Integrating the telephony portions (gsm, sms, sim card).

GPS Integration 8/1 - 8/7
Merging the GPS capabilities.

Finishing Touches 8/8 - 8/21
Finishing up any remaining work. Putting together and submitting a final patch set if applicable.

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