Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Schedules and Pixels

After passing through the midterm evaluations, I revised my projected schedule with weekly milestones and it hopefully contains a more accurate projection of my work for the last 5 weeks of this summer project. In the calendar below, the Friday events are the weekly milestones.

I finished up the pixel conversion patch (modifying goldfish_fb to convert pixels to the correct format if necessary since the Android kernel is only supporting the RGB_565 format), and it's currently available in my git repo. I'll convert the basic serial patches to qdev over the next few days. My milestone for the week is a basic patch set to obtain serial output from the Android kernel that correctly utilizes qdev.

This week I will be focused on getting correct input handling (mouse/keyboard input), with a goal for the end of the week of having inputs functioning in my git repo.

After getting everything functioning in my git repo, I'll focus on making changes that are necessary for getting it accepted into QEMU. As such, this week I will focus on goldfish_nand, and getting it to conform correctly to the QEMU guidelines, as it doesn't handle filenames like it should. The milestone for the end of the week is to have my git repo fully functional without having to specify the kernel filename in the source code.

Continuing with my integration, I will spend the next week building upon my previous qdev conversion and moving all the devices to qdev. I'll also be removing the android/ directory as much as possible. The milestone for the week is to have a fully functional git repo that utilizes qdev.

The last week of the summer, I will be working on any remaining tasks to clean up the full patch set for Goldfish, finishing up any missing work and putting together the full patch set. The goal for the week, and for the project, is to submit a working, fully functional patch set for the Goldfish hardware.

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