Sunday, May 22, 2011


Here we are, the official beginning of coding time for GSOC 2011, and I'm already behind where I hoped to be. I absolutely hate it, but at this point it can't be helped. Some of the blame lies with me for not buckling down and working just after my graduation, and some of it lies with a viral infection that my doctor says is probably mono. Due to my sudden obsession with sleeping half the day and being tired and achy the other half, my usual schedule was disrupted and my productivity dropped to almost nothing. I had hoped that what I proposed for the "Initial Ramp-Up" stage would be completed before the official start, so I am already a week behind what I had hoped to be my schedule. I seem to be getting over my illness so I estimate that I will be roughly 75-80% productive this first week, and I'll work a bit more than planned over the following weeks if necessary.

As of now I do not have any vacations planned that would disrupt my work, though that will probably change at some point and I may lose up to a week. As soon as plans are made I will update the schedule to reflect any necessary changes.

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